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When Do You Need to See a Chiropractor?

The most common reasons for people to have a chiropractic adjustment are headaches, muscle pain, neck pain, and lower back pain. Taking pain relievers may temporarily alleviate these symptoms but is unlikely to address the underlying condition. Instead, consider visiting a chiropractor near me to treat these aches and pains without medication or surgery as well as to prevent them from recurring. But know that you do not have to be in persistent pain or have an issue visiting a chiropractor.  

What Does a Chiropractor Do?

Chiropractors treat bodily strains, aches, and pains. If you have a problem with your musculoskeletal system, a chiropractor near me Raleigh can offer an alternative treatment method that does not include prescribing medicine.

The treatment may include:

  • Adjustments. Realign joints gently to reduce pain and increase the range of movement.
  • Soft-tissue therapy. This aims to relieve spasms, relax tight muscles, and release tension in the connective tissue.
  • Joint bracing/Kinesio taping. This supports sprained muscles or joints as they heal.
  • Exercises and stretches. This helps maintain and restore the mobility and stability of the joint.
  • Referrals to integrative medicine specialists. To manage weight and promote healthy eating, or for recommendations on diet and nutrition to alleviate inflammation.

When a chiropractor near me recommends that should get an adjustment, it means that the practitioner is going to apply pressure on your back to realign your spinal column. This realignment improves the physical function of the body, eases the pain, and promotes better posture over time. The chiropractor typically uses a small medical instrument or their hands to manipulate your joints in a controlled manner.

Adjustments are quick and straightforward outpatient treatments. During a procedure, a chiropractic adjustment gives little or no pain at all. There may be some cracks and pops, but no intense pain. Some patients experience some minor aches or mild soreness after a visit similar to the feeling after intense stretching or vigorous exercise.

What Happens Before a Chiropractic Treatment?

At the initial visit, your chiropractor will perform a physical exam and discuss your medical history. If necessary, the practitioner will order diagnostic imaging tests such as X-rays, CT scan, and MRI scan to learn more about your musculoskeletal system.

After determining what may be causing your discomfort, the chiropractor near me will create a unique treatment plan based on the results of your tests.

Signs and Symptoms to Watch out for

How do you know that you need to visit a chiropractor? Here are some indications:

Chronic or Acute Pain.Pain is a key indicator that there is a problem in your body. Although medications or other aids can offer some relief for a short period, you should not cover up or disregard pain without finding out the cause. A licensed chiropractor near me can be your additional resource to evaluate symptoms or conditions aside from your conventional doctor who is dependent on surgery or medication.

Migraines or Tension Headaches. Chiropractors often see correlation between misalignments of the spine and headaches. While taking medications can help relieve symptoms temporarily, chiropractic care can provide a more permanent solution to get to the root of the problem. 

Optimize Athletic Performance. One way to improve your performance is to receive chiropractic treatments like therapeutic exercises and manual therapy. Sports and physical exercise have lots of benefits, but they can also put repeated stress on the body. During a game or practice, a chiropractor near me can give immediate care to manage sprains to concussions. Also, the practitioner can help prevent injuries or reduce healing time.

Body is out of Alignment. You lift, twist, turn, and move around, and sometimes engage in physical activity that your body is not normally designed to do. As a result, your body can be misaligned. These misalignments cause stress on the nervous system, causing the person discomfort and unease. Many different issues can be associated with misalignments, bringing about pain, limitations with certain activities, and the inability to function.

Sitting for Long Periods. Statistics show that many people sit for about 10 hours a day. For this, many consider sitting is now the new smoking because researchers are discovering that prolonged sitting is associated with chronic degenerative diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

While the issue cannot be avoided completely, you can put measures into place to minimize the stress on your body. Proper chiropractic care can help correct many structural issues brought on by extended periods of sitting. 

Improve Mobility and Flexibility. Any movement in the body occurs around your spine. So, when your spine is misaligned, the movement of other joints such as your shoulders or hips is compromised. Stretching the joints may only give short-term change but fixing the spinal misalignments gets to the root of poor mobility. 

Your local chiropractor near me can help increase your range of motion. The better your body is moving and functioning, and the less likely you will suffer from pain.

Ongoing Medical Condition. While most people seek out a chiropractor for a specific issue like back pain or headaches, there are those who have benefited from chiropractic care when addressing other disorders.Some of these conditions include autoimmune disorders, sleeping issues, asthma and other breathing disorders, digestive disorders, blood pressure issues, plantar fasciitis, ear infections, etc.

During Pregnancy. Pregnancy can bring many changes to the future mother such as pelvic and foot pain, low and upper back, and carpal tunnel syndrome. A chiropractor practitioner can alleviate these aches and pains, enhance mobility, as well as teach the expectant mother on how to prevent or reduce pain after your baby is born.

What Is the Recovery Time for a Chiropractic Adjustment?

Many chiropractic patients feel almost instant relief from symptoms after an adjustment. But you may feel sore after treatment for 24 hours.

The purpose of a chiropractic adjustment is to restore your health for a long time, rather than relieve symptoms for a brief time. The chiropractor near me will promote new ways to position your body when you are sitting, standing, and moving. They may also incorporate stretches into your daily routine. These are long-term tips that can help prevent future issues.

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